Future Day is Celebrated Around the Globe

Through a global grass-roots effort that started in 2012, March 1 is becoming an international holiday event known as Future Day. This is a special day where the world does not focus on the events of the past or individual people — as is the case with all other holidays — but one that celebrates the future and all of the wonders that it holds. The goal of Future Day is to bring people together around the world to direct their energy and thoughts toward creating a radically better future.

The Future Day Mission:
To bias the odds of a beneficial future for everyone.

The Future Day Philosophy:
A future is something we all have, lets work towards making it better.

The Future Day Personal Benefit:
Networks of people with similar interests about the future.

“Future Day is designed to center the impossible in the public mind once a year as a temptation too delicious to resist.” — Howard Bloom via FutureDay.org

John Smart is a futurist and scholar of accelerating change, and is the founder and president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation. This organization does “outreach, education, research, and advocacy with respect to issues of accelerating change.” Listen to his interview with Adam Ford of FutureDay.org for his thoughts on the Future Day holiday and several great recommendations for new traditions and rituals to begin:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fngnICG__yM]

Events around the planet included a Google Hangout with Sydney, Australia Futurists, a conference of speakers in Melbourne, Australia, gatherings in Edmonton, Canada, a luncheon in Utah, USA of the Mormon Transhumanist Association with casual conversation about a future of radical flourishing in compassion and creation through technology and religion, a celebration at the BIL Conference in San Francisco, USA, a 24-hour discussion about the future hosted online by the The Millennium Project, the International Future Day Conference in India from the India Future Society, and more gatherings in Hong Kong, Columbia, Paris, Seattle, Stockholm Sweden, and a pizza and beer gathering in São Paulo, Brazil.


Dynamic Patterns Research hosted a small gathering of friends for a dinner party to celebrate Future Day in Central Illinois. We met to socialize and enjoy our network of friends, and also discussed our personal thoughts on what we envision the future might bring. A few questions that we brainstormed included ‘What do you think will be different in 2050 than it is now?’, ‘What will stay the same?’, ‘What would you like to be different?’ and ‘What would you like to stay the same?’

Future Day 2014 Central Illinois Group
Future Day 2014 informal gathering in Springfield, Illinois

In particular, we introduced the idea of the Singularity and what sort of exciting and scary results this event might reveal. We also brainstormed on a variety of advancements, including cataract injections using nanobots, as suggested by our member ophthalmologist. We also considered what might be one of the most important ideas we’ve heard of in all our reading and following of literature about the future, which was an answer to the final question of ‘what would you like to stay the same?’…

After discussing how the notion of family might change in the future, we also expressed our hope that the relationships and sense of love and meaning that human beings experience through our family and our interpersonal experiences will not change in the future, even if the Singularity or other technological revolutions become reality.

“On Future Day we celebrate all the great things to come. It is a day to rejoice over all the thrilling discoveries yet to be made, all the beauty yet to be found and to reflect on the full extent of Humanity’s unlimited potential.” — Rod Furlan, Singularity University via FutureDay.org

To learn more about this new global holiday, visit FutureDay.org, and be sure to mark your calendars to celebrate the next Future Day with your friends, colleagues, and family on March 1, 2015!



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Last updated October 22, 2021