Citizen Science activities certainly don’t have to cost a lot of money, and most of the projects we discuss here at DPR are essentially “free” to perform… but this project… now, this project does cost some money. But, it’s pretty darn awesome. And, following this line of extreme citizen science would be more tuned for a lager group or team who can contribute more financial assistance and expertise.

This is the ultimate model rocket launch, performed by the professional NASA astrophysicist by day and citizen scientist by night, Dr. Alex Antunes. Here, he is merging science with music with the plan to build an ionospheric detector with a device to convert the input signals to a MIDI stream that can be picked up by HAM radios. We’ll be able to “listen” to low-orbital space music for as long as the little satellite can survive.

Like I said… pretty, cool, right?

Follow the project on the blogs listed below, and wish the team great luck for a successful launch in 2010!

Project Calliope :: official launch website :: [ VISIT ]

Follow the progress on the launch blog :: [ VISIT ]

The TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit from Interorbital Systems [ VISIT ]


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