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What is the amygdala?

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 09:39:14 PM Nicole Haloupek
The amygdala is often referred to as the "fear center" of the brain — but this name hardly does justice to the amygdala's complexity.

Scientists uncover new mode of evolution

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 09:15:10 PM Nicoletta Lanese
Scientists have discovered a form of natural selection that doesn't rely on DNA.

1st case of new SARS-like virus in US

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 09:13:50 PM Rachael Rettner
The new SARS-like virus that's causing an outbreak in China has now arrived in the United States.

Self-destructing dark matter may be flooding the sky with gamma-rays, study suggests

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 09:09:30 PM Brandon Specktor
There's a faint gamma-ray background in the universe, and scientists now think it could be caused by dark matter.

An asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs. Then, a volcano helped life flourish.

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 08:35:12 PM Chelsea Gohd
A massive meteorite impact and extreme volcanic activity occurred around the same time that Earth's large dinosaurs went extinct. But, did the volcanic activity play a role in the mass extinction, or did it actually help new life to flourish?

A burst of gravitational waves hit our planet. Astronomers have no clue where it's from.

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 07:32:43 PM Yasemin Saplakoglu
The signal doesn’t seem to match the most obvious causes.

How surgery in infancy led to a woman's stone 60 years later

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 05:47:28 PM Laura Geggel
An unused piece of intestine cooked up some trouble for this woman.

Alopecia: Causes, symptoms & treatments for hair loss and balding

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 02:52:40 PM Laura Geggel
Hair loss is typically considered the domain of aging men, but this equal-opportunity condition — which has many causes — can affect virtually anyone.

Were alien secrets hidden in Roswell and Area 51? 'Project Blue Book' UFO hunters investigate.

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 12:24:39 PM Mindy Weisberger
A search for the truth behind UFO sightings leads to the discovery of government cover-ups.

Identity-Switching Neutrinos Could Reveal Why We Exist At All. But Can We Find Them?

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 12:11:16 PM Tim Childers
Scientists are searching for a ghostly neutrino particle that acts as its own antiparticle. If they find it, the discovery could resolve a cosmic conundrum: Why does matter exist at all?

UFOs May Be Piloted by Time-Traveling Humans, Book Argues

Tuesday January 21st, 2020 12:05:10 PM Leonard David
Could the creatures piloting UFOs be us? A recent book argues that reports of aliens here on Earth may be describing our distant human descendants, returning from the future to study us in their own evolutionary past.

Ancient Australian Crystals Unlock History of Earth's First Magnetic Field

Monday January 20th, 2020 08:00:00 PM Rafi Letzter
It was a lot more powerful than anyone believed.

Here's What Scientists Know About 'Screen Time' and Your Health

Monday January 20th, 2020 05:48:13 PM Byron Reeves
Conclusions about the effects of digital media, or "screen time," are often incomplete, irrelevant or wrong, scientists say.

Why Didn't the Allies Bomb Auschwitz?

Monday January 20th, 2020 02:27:36 PM Mindy Weisberger
A new PBS documentary probes the deliberation behind the historic decision.

Could Scientists 'Hack' the Zika Virus to Kill Brain Cancer?

Monday January 20th, 2020 12:00:59 PM Nicoletta Lanese
Could Zika be used as a cancer treatment?

Are Birds Dinosaurs?

Monday January 20th, 2020 12:00:00 PM Mindy Weisberger
Modern birds can trace their origins to theropods, a branch of mostly meat-eaters on the dinosaur family tree.

Why Teen Depression Rates Are Rising So Fast for Girls

Sunday January 19th, 2020 03:07:10 PM Jean Twenge
We're in the middle of a teen mental health crisis – and girls are at its epicenter.

Do Dreams Really Reveal Our Deepest Secrets?

Sunday January 19th, 2020 12:00:53 PM Isobel Whitcomb
They’re not a cache of Easter eggs.

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Saturday January 18th, 2020 02:48:27 PM Live Science Staff
Here are the most interesting, amazing and unusual things that happened in the world of science this week. A recap of Live Science's best.

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Saturday January 18th, 2020 02:35:05 PM Jeanna Bryner
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