An Experiment to Discover the Transition to Consiousness

Within a week, my wonderful wife, Michelle, will deliver our second child. Our little boy, Andrew, will be a lump of cells working in amazing synchrony to survive in a wild and scary universe. All of the actions are the result of a profoundly self-organized system that can successfully respond to its environment and maintain its internal cycles and processes in order to allow it to continue to develop and evolve as a living creature.

However, it is my understanding and hypothesis that the neuron network composing his infant brain is not yet entirely developed into what we would consider a fully-functioning conscious system. My son will certainly be a human being, and will have already been one for quite some time while growing in Mommy’s tummy, but there is still something missing… that “something” behind his eyes that allows him to be self-aware and fully able to make decisions to guide his body’s behavior, no matter how remedial the decisions might still be.

Our first child, Elizabeth Noelle, is nearly three years old now, and she, too–like all of us conscious beings–began as this glob of organized, interacting cells. And I noticed one day with her that something changed… it wasn’t entirely clear… but, it seemed to me that one day when I looked into her eyes there was something more. Something was working at a higher level inside her head… my cute little human being that I helped create had developed into something more… a self-aware, conscious human being.

Unfortunately, my observations were mostly an afterthought and not documented in any way other than personal reflections. So, with our second child I intend to conduct a more thorough observational experiment and create a more scientific record here on Neuron News of his development from a human being into a conscious human being. Although I anticipate this transition to be quite fluid and difficult to pinpoint, I hope that something might be taken from the considerations that could provide at least a slight glimmer of understanding into the nature of the consciousness of my son.

Each of my observations will be recorded here under the Topical Category “Raising Consciousness.” I am also very much interested in your responses, ideas, and feedback… and even observational guidance as we begin what I expect to be an exciting and interesting journey into what is the fundamental nature of human consciousness.

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Last updated June 2, 2020