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Whether you are a novice or seasoned science hobbyist, a student of physics, or even a casual informal learner, it might seem overwhelming to dive into a process of understanding how our Universe works at a deeper level. We are a curious species and this characteristic has led us through many amazing rabbit holes over the millennia with endless new discoveries on the other side. So, it can be worth one’s while to leap into the unknown, if for no other reason than to increase one’s appreciation for Nature’s function, beauty and mystery.

Here, through Dynamic Patterns Research, we are focused on two separate projects to help you jump through the many exciting rabbit holes of physics in a guided and engaging way. First, DPR maintains a curated resource of informal learning opportunities that may be accessed through the Internet at your convenience, pace, and need. Second, we are developing a new online resource, called fundamentals, featuring concise introductions to core topics in physics with clear conceptual discussions paired with complete presentations of the mathematical models that represent each physics concept.

Jump in with DPR and experience the world with a new appreciation for Nature’s methods.




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Last updated February 24, 2020