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Developing a Charter Membership Group of DPR

PageLines- dpr-logo-fb_v2012_tealback.jpgDynamic Patterns Research (DPR) is preparing to expand its mission and operations to include the membership of active individuals from Central Illinois who are interested in working together to participate in citizen science programs, perform amateur research, and reach out to the community through the development and implementation of  informal educational experiences.

Our initial step is to identify individuals in the region who are interested in becoming volunteer charter members of this new group who will be responsible for collaboratively developing short and long-term plans of activities moving forward. The charter members will need to meet regularly, either in a physical location or remotely via an online collaboration tool, and will establish goals, projects, and activities that the group is most interested in initially developing.

DPR will plan to affiliate the charter group with one or more existing organizations that are dedicated to a similar mission. In particular, likely organizations to partner with include the Citizen Scientist League and the Illinois Science Council.

A sample of general ideas, programs, and activities that DPR anticipates the charter members will discuss and collaborate on include the following:

  • Provide support for individual and group amateur research projects of the membership through open discussion, feedback, and shared resources;
  • Provide support, guidance and resources for citizen science outreach and specific citizen science programs to the public in Central Illinois; 
  • Develop and implement informal science educational outreach experiences and programs for communities in Central Illinois;
  • Periodically meet to discuss current topics of interest in science in private group meetings and in public sessions, and host regional specialists and professionals to feature presentations for public access in an open forum experience;
  • Develop, plan and host a weekly informal science educational podcast, such as “Ask a Physicist”, where submitted questions are answered during a recorded podcast by a regional professional physicist;
  • Consider the major commitment of the development and support of a Hackerspace;
  • Support Dynamic Patterns Theatre, which began the development of an ongoing “Science at the Theatre” Series that combines live quality theatrical entertainment with an informal science education opportunity. The first production in 2013 was QED: A Play, and dpt is currently working on the next show to run in 2014.


Join as a DPR Charter Member

If you are interested in joining Dynamic Patterns Research as a charter member, please complete the online form below to provide your contact information and your specific  interests in joining this new group as a charter member:


Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to growing Dynamic Patterns Research together!

Please share this information with other individuals in your network who you believe might also be interested in joining Dynamic Patterns Research.



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Last updated August 10, 2020