Although it’s getting a little chilly outside for the citizen scientists in the Northern Hemisphere, there are always plenty of astounding stars and planets to view in the dark of night. Jupiter is glowing brightly, and is sitting very near the Moon right now at the middle of the month. The Leonid Meteor Shower will peak on November 17 (read more), which is all thanks to debris that fell from Comet Tempel-Tuttle.

To plan your November nighttime viewing, download this month’s Sky Map, courtesy of Whether you are looking with your eyes, binoculars, or a telescope, let us know what you find particular interesting and beautiful this month!

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November 2010 Northern Hemisphere Sky Map


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  1. […] and we are doggedly marching to December, there is still time to view the November sky. Thanks to Citizen Science Dynamic Patterns Research website, here’s a SKY MAP for November to assist you in your appreciation of the night sky, courtesy […]

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Last updated January 15, 2020