Operation Deer Watch in Wisconsin

from Paul A. Smith, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has been given funding to increase its efforts to more accurately estimate the deer population throughout the state. Since 1960, the department has only used it’s staff and official employees of the state to help with the counting, and the breadth of the coverage has never been enough to calculate meaningful population estimates.

But, now, they are requesting the help from citizens to volunteer their observational skills and report what they see during August and September. Citizen Science makes its way into Wisconsin!

If you live in Wisconsin, and you would like to connect with the WDNR to help with the summer counting, visit the site linked below and get ready to keep a close eye out for those deer in your headlights beginning August 1!

“Citizens asked to survey deer afield” :: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel :: July 24, 2010 [ READ ]

Summer 2010 Operation Deer Watch from WDNR [ VISIT ]

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