The Launch of iMatter 2.0 App

The Global Warming effort has been growing for many years now, and the youngest generation is being raised with a fundamental awareness of the concern. As many teenagers around the country become more active in their schools and communities, we might end up with an overwhelmingly disparate and random nation-wide picture for environmentally-active youth.

It is exactly this problem that a new mobile social networking application has been developed to address. The “iMatter 2.0” app for the iPhone, developed by match2blue, is a new platform to help connect the under-18 year community actively working for a future with a more secure climate.

Supported by the “Kids vs Global Warming” youth organization–founded by a 16-year-old–the app will allow connected youth activists to participate with citizen science observations, create their own local projects, and connect with other activists around the country who match their interests and efforts, all in real time.

“Launch of iMatter 2.0” :: :: July 7, 2010 :: [ READ MORE ]

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  1. iMatter? What doesn’t the iPhone have as an app nowadays.

    This does look like an app with some useful things on here so I may check it out. Thanks for the share.

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