Count Gulf Coast Ghost Crabs before the Oil Reaches the Shoreline

As the oil creeps closer to the delicate shorelines of the Gulf Coast, conservationists are frantically trying to get a clear picture of the specific status of wildlife. A reasonable baseline of population levels will be valuable when comparing to the aftereffect of nature’s interaction with the invading oil slick.

Typical news media images focus on birds soaked in oil, and efforts are already underway to update counts of our feathers friends (learn more from the National Audubon Society). There are, of course, many other creatures lurking in the beautiful white sands of the Gulf, and they, too, will likely be challenged by the oil.

Drew Wheelan of the American Birding Association has established a methodology for reporting populations of the Ghost Crabs, which are a critical element of the food chain along the coast. Monitoring the oil’s influence on these little creatures should also help develop a better understanding of how the entire ecosystem will deal with this disaster.

Citizen science volunteers from the Gulf Coast are needed immediately to support these counting efforts… so, if you live in the area please learn more and find out how to help now…

“The Ghost Crabs Of The Gulf” :: Gulf Coast Oil Spill blog from the American Birding Association :: June 21, 2010 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated September 18, 2020