Take part in the NYC Cricket Crawl

The dog days of summer are essentially over, and what a beautiful time it is to be in New York City. So, what better way to enjoy a cool evening in the City than to help scientists monitor cricket and katydid populations using your wandering eyes and ears!

The Discover Life organization is hosting this wonderful citizen science research event, and they are inviting everyone in the City to “an aural expedition and a celebration of life in the leafy jungles of urban and suburban NYC and surrounding area.”

The monitoring event will be held on September 11, 2009 (or the next day, if it rains), and if you are interested in joining you may register online. They will be publishing a live map online of the collected results, so it will still be an interesting event to watch even if you live too far away to participate.

The task is easy… just take a stroll at night, listen for one minute, and write down the kinds of chirping insects you hear.

“Use Your iPhone to Help Scientists Track Crickets in NYC” :: Wired Magazine :: September 3, 2009 :: [ READ ]

September 11, 2009

NYC Cricket Crawl :: [ VISIT ]

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