Citizen Science Program for Alaska

For those of you United States citizens braving the wild northern hinterlands of Alaska, there is a new program for organizing citizen scientists through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Conservations Division.

This great partnership between the interested public and local professionals is a great opportunity for doing some particularly unique amateur research that would be entirely different from anything that the rest of the “lower states” can imagine.

Currently, the program is featuring projects on the habitats of wood frogs (and, how in the world do they survive the Alaskan winter!), the conservation of waterbird populations, and the study of the summertime habitat for the Alaskan bat (did you not think Alaska had any bats?).

“Yes, there are little brown bats on Turnagain Arm” :: Turnagain Times :: September 3, 2009 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated November 23, 2020