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Prof. Mike Brown and colleagues from the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at Caltech have written a paper, and it is currently in its final editing stages prior to submission to a professional journal.

This isn’t a particularly special event, as thousands of other scientists across the country are working on their own draft versions of their own research at this very moment… but what is particularly interesting here is that Prof. Brown wants serious reviews from citizen scientists to assist with the editing process before making his submission final.

There has been growing indirect evidence that Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, has a planetary water cycle (or, hydrological cycle) much like Earth’s cycle with water continuously moving between land and air through evaporation and precipitation. Only on Titan, this cycle contains methane instead of water.

Using imaging from the Cassini spacecraft, this group of scientists claims to have observed fog at the southern pole of the moon. They argue that the appearance of fog on Titan can only be caused by the evaporation of liquid methane into the atmosphere, and therefore this provides the first direct evidence of an active hydrological cycle on the moon.

So, if you feel up to this important challenge for citizen science, carefully read and review the draft paper, and post your serious comments on Prof. Brown’s website… or send him messages directly.

“Fog! Titan! Titan Fog! (and a peer review experiment)” :: Mike Brown’s Planets :: August 27, 2009 :: [ READ ]

If you take part in this review process, please let us know here at DPR about your experience!

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Last updated January 15, 2021