Ohio Beetle Tracking Project for Citizen Scientists

The classic lady bug — or, Coccinellidae, the pretty red ones — is actually a farmer friendly little creature that is critical for reducing populations of annoying pests like aphids, or nasty plant-eating lice.

The population level of the lady bug seems to be declining in the Midwestern United States, and Dr. Mary Gardiner of Ohio State University wants to find out what is going on. She has setup a great new citizen science program called the Buckeye Lady Beetle Blitz Volunteer Network, that is a perfect opportunity for Ohio residents to contribute in important ways to the local agricultural science. A new round of studies will begin again next summer, and required training for volunteers starts in February 2010.

If you live anywhere in Ohio and are interested in helping out next year with this important project, take a moment to learn more and consider taking the time to train…

Buckeye Lady Beetle Blitz

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