Dancing with the Grunion Fish

Experiencing interesting citizen science might come upon you unexpectedly in life, but it will surely have great rewards. Take a moment to read this inspiring story by a writer living in Southern California…

As a young child, Leslie spent several late summer nights dancing with and chasing back to sea a little fish called a Grunion. These odd little guys lay eggs on the beach and then have to flop their way back into the water after their mating ritual is complete. Leslie gained many fond memories of this childhood experience, and was interested again later in life when she stumbled upon an organized monitoring effort supported by Pepperdine University that established the “Grunion Greeters” to help learn about the animal’s behavior.

Her official graduation to a “real” citizen scientist was actually a proud moment–as it should be!–and her excitement and new appreciation for our universe will spread to everyone she meets.

“Greeting the Grunion” :: Daily Sound:: July 3, 2009 :: [ READ STORY ]

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