New Tools to Help Amateurs Visualize Data

Emerging from the IBM Watson Research Center is a wonderful new online tool for interactively visualizing data sets of nearly any sort. The service is called Many Eyes, and could provide quite useful for citizen scientists to work collaboratively across the world in analyzing data and gaining new insights into amateur research efforts.

The Many Eyes software is free with a registration, and contains tools to upload and organize your data into world maps, line and stack graphs, comparison charts, scatter plots, network maps, and other visualization options. We have not yet explored the interesting service, but DPRI will be in the the site in the near future to test the system and to see what sort of opportunities there might be for the amateur science community, including how we might be able to collaboratively work together through DPRI on future projects.

“Lines and Bubbles and Bars, Oh My! New Ways to Sift Data” :: The New York Times :: August 30, 2008 :: [ READ ]

Many Eyes [ VISIT ]

Learn more about the Many Eyes program [ READ ]

If you would be interested in working with DPRI in the near future on citizen science collaborations, potentially using the Many Eyes system, please contact us or leave a comment below. Or, better yet, send us your FREE registration and we’ll be in touch with you soon about what sort of opportunities we will have!

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Last updated September 18, 2020