Professional Ecologists Begin to take Citizen Science Seriously

As previously reported in the DPRI AmSci Journal (read), this year’s Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting had an wonderfully fresh emphasis on the opportunities for and importance of citizen science.

A professional in the field, Nalini Nadkarni, wrote a nice commentary for The Olympian that describes the new, broad applications for amateur research. The author also remarks on the absolutely critical task of scientists to work toward bring a wider understanding of how our universe functions to a larger audience.

We feel at DPRI that this is a fundamental need, and we’re so excited to see more professional researchers (who are often so buried in their instruments that go “ping!”) are taking seriously the need to bring their work to the masses. This is why we are trying to support citizen science opportunities and are working to bring more people into the world of science… we don’t expect everyone to delve so deep into science that it overtakes their lives, but just enough to increase our appreciation of our amazing universe and to have a bit more understanding of how things really work.

“Opening academia to families, civilians new trend in science” :: The Olympian :: August 27, 2008 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated July 10, 2020