Vacationing Data Collectors Track Migrating Whale Sharks

We’re going to the ocean for vacation this year! … and we’ll do some scuba diving … and we’ll take pictures of the elusive whale shark … and we’ll submit the photographs to researchers to help monitor migration behavior!

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This is exactly the expectation of vacationers from the scientists working with ECOCEAN, who have already collected over 17,000 photos of whale sharks from over 1,400 citizen science contributors. This exciting database uses sophisticated image analysis software to help identify the whale sharks. Developed by NASA and Zaven Arzoumanian and originally used for star mapping, the software can map out the unique white spot pattern found on the whale shark.

So, if you are planning a vacation to the ocean in the near future, or if you are already an avid scuba diver and have seen a whale shark while swimming around, then check out ECOCEAN and join the program to contribute your valuable photos.

“NASA Tool Helps Track Whale Sharks, Polar Bears” :: National Geographic News :: August 25, 2008 :: [ READ ]

ECOCEAN Whaleshark Photo-identification Library [ VISIT ]

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Last updated July 10, 2020