Help Track Climate Change from your Backyard

Just completing its second summer of data collection, a great new program brings citizen scientists from across the country to report observations on life cycle events from plants in their own backyard. The program called Project BudBurst is lead by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the National Phenology Network, and collects information on the timing of the first bud, first flower, and seed dispersal for plants.

Visit Project BudBurst to learn more about the research, download the program activity guide, and plan to submit your critical observations for next year’s cycle in Spring 2009.

“Spring Flowers: Clues To Climate Change — Climate Change Researchers Ask Amateur Botanists To Record Signs Of Spring” :: ScienceDaily :: May 1, 2008 :: [ READ with VIDEO ]

“Local gardeners do their part to record possible ‘global weirding'” :: Chicago Tribune :: August 5, 2008 :: [ READ ]

Project BudBurst [ JOIN PROGRAM ]

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Last updated August 10, 2020