Listen to Frogs in Nebraska and in your Backyard

Frogs make music … and like any great sonorous pattern, one only has to learn more and experience a little to appreciate it as true music. This is what University of Nebraska-Lincoln herpetologist Dennis Ferraro is trying to support with his compilation of “Frog Calls of Nebraska” [ order online ].

Learning the rhythms of frogs can certainly be aesthetically pleasing, but even more so a detailed knowledge of the frog language can help scientists track population trends. A decline in frog populations has become such a concern, that 2008 is the official “Year of the Frog“.

Online databases exists for local regions as well as a national program supported by the National Wildlife Foundation that allow citizen scientists the opportunity to learn specific frog calls and report the findings for nation-wide monitoring systems.

“Frog calls of Nebraska CD will help fans and trackers” :: The Lincoln Journal Star :: August 3, 2008 :: [ READ ]

Online database for Nebraska: Amphibians & Reptiles of Nebraska [ VISIT ]

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Last updated July 10, 2020