Physicists are learning to Love the Citizen Scientist

The role of the citizen scientist continues to grow into a new, profound tool for the scientific community. This realization from the academic world is once again made apparent by a new Job Posting from the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics.

They are in search of not one, but two, postdoctoral associates to lead the development of new research programs that utilized citizen scientists in data collection. Most of this inspiration is stemming from another Oxford-lead program, GalaxyZoo, which is continuing to reap successful results from their world-wide community approach.

So, as a citizen scientists, it’s time to really jump on the bandwagon. It’s always a win-win … the academic world gets tons of free data, that’s reasonably reliable, and we get to be part of something important … and have a whole lot of fun with the experience.

“Postdoctoral Researcher in Internet-Based Citizen Science (two posts)” :: Department of Physics, University of Oxford :: July 27, 2008 posted :: [ READ JOB POSTING ]

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Last updated November 23, 2020