Sticking things into Your Brain Really Hurts

The future of neurotechnology–or, the successful integration of the human brain with fabricated computing devices–is awfully dependent on poking sharp objects into the brain. This is quite invasive, and the human body certainly does not like foreign objects sticking into its soft tissue.

A polymer group at the University of Michigan is currently working on solutions to making neuro-probes a little softer to our neural mush in our head. By developing specialized polymer coatings for neural implants, they hope to minimize the neuronal damage cause by the implant. Even if localized scar tissue is inevitable, they are working on ways to electrically communicate across the scar layer to allow the implant to continue its electrical function.

“Growing Neural Implants” :: MIT Technology Review :: July 16, 2008 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated September 22, 2020