Neuron News Likes Music, too

This posting is certainly a diversion from our typical reviews, but this author is always listing to music (mostly jazz) in the background while reading and writing about neurotechnology. So, in a small way, music is a critical element to Neuron News… and music most definitely has interesting and intimate interactions with ones’ brain activity (read more).

A British recording label call Neuroscience Recordings is a young label producing electronica / trance music. Although jazz is our favorite background, sometimes when it’s extraordinarily late and we’re trying to push on with work, a strong trance-like beat is a perfect combination for a late night quite office and hyper-productivity.

So, pull out your favorite neuroscience textbook or Neuron News blog posting, pump through some new tracks from Neuroscience Recordings and let your brain groove all night.

This little musical discovery is also thanks to Vaughan from MindHacks.

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Last updated November 23, 2020