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Be inspired to experience science when it’s least expected.

This featured article has nothing to do with wonderful and exciting citizen science projects searching for the answers to major research questions; it doesn’t announce the successful achievements of an amateur for a great scientific discovery.

But, it does remind us that simple–yet profound and beautiful–scientific experiences can happen to every one of us at nearly any point in time. We must only be open to the opportunity and ready to take in a few observations of the amazing universe in which we live… and enjoy it. Simply enjoy it. This is the essence of everyday citizen science, and it should be enjoyed by everyone on the planet as often as possible.

Read as the author has a “bad day” and heads to the forest looking for a little relaxation. What she finds is nature at its best and most amazing, and is inspired to tell everyone to come out an join her.

“Time out in nature” :: Leader-Telegram Online :: October 6, 2007 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated November 23, 2020