Amateur Scientists Help Biologists at Glacier National Park

Wildlife monitoring at Glacier National Park in Montana is the daunting responsibility of two biologists, little funding, a whole lot of ground to cover, and hundreds of species to track.

Over the past couple of summers, local volunteers have been trained to travel deep into the backwoods of the park and monitor population levels of animals that are of serious concern. The data collection has been tremedous, and would have otherwise been impossible to organize without the army of amateurs dedicated to supporting the park.

Through the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center  at the park, additional training sessions will be available in July for those interested in participating. Call 406.888.7986 for more information.

“Citizen Scientists to the Rescue for Glacier Park” :: Flathead Beacon :: June 26, 2008 :: [ READ ]

[ VIEW ] Live Webcams at Glacier National Park

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Last updated August 9, 2020