New Implated Micodevice for Wireless Neuron Control

An interesting new technology emerging from the research lab of Dr. Larry Cauller at University of Texas at Dallas might lead to new patient-guided treatments for direct control in pain management.

The work is now being further funded for commercial development through the start-upMicroTransponder, Inc. The device concept is an implanted wireless receiver that can stimulate nerve tissue in order to block pain signals before reaching the brain. This could be a major boon for people with chronic pain issues, which does affect a large percentage of people in the United States.

The group is still fine-tuning the technology and has a way to go for FDA approval, but they are certainly in an interesting position to master a major development for pain relief. How the body and brain responds to this direct internal stimulation might also lead to further understanding of neuron communication and function. It might also result in some interesting–if not undesirable–effects on how the body responds when it doesn’t feel pain when, maybe, it should be feeling pain.

“Tiny Technology Packs a Pain-Relieving Wallop” :: UT Dallas News Center :: June 26, 2008 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated September 22, 2020