NIH Funds Next-generation Neurotechnology

Last year, the National Institute of Health provided funding for another important collaboration between Brown UniversityCyberkinetics, and the Cleveland FES Center. Lead by Arto Nurmikko, a Brown professor of engineering and physics, the academic-industry team is expanding the functionality and portability of BrainGate with a scaled-down, fully-implantable device that records neuronal signals and digitally transmits the information via fiber optic and wireless communication.

The multi-year funding supports a human trial of a prototype being developed, and will continue advancements in implantable devices to bridge communication between the nervous system and computer controlled hardware that can assist with motor skills for paralyzed patients.

“Next-generation neurotechnology possible with NIH grant”
EurekAlert! August 2, 2007 [READ]

“A Microelectrode/Microelectronic Hybrid Device for Brain Implantable Neuroprothesis Applications”
the Overview Research Poster from Nurmikko’s Group [VIEW]

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Last updated September 18, 2020