The Politics of Consciousness

There is an important connection between neurotechnology and human consciousness, which is why Neuron News dedicates an entire category to the subject. The neurons in our brain somehow make us feel aware of ourselves and conscious. Neurotechnological devices will either integrate new neurons into our brain or alter the function of existing neurons in some way.

So, if these brain-chips are tinkering around with our neurons, it might be important to understand how that will affect our brain function on the whole, in particular our consciousness.

Christof Koch, at CalTech, and Nobel Laureate Francis Crick, at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and whose name is famously tagged with the double helix structure of DNA, have been working on the problem of how brain cells make us conscious for many years. This article briefly outlines their current set of ideas on the issue of the “neural correlate of consciousness” and suggests that we have cut-throat politicking going on up in our heads.

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Last updated July 10, 2020