Upgrade Yourself to Greatness

Slate Magazine presents a special series on “Building a Better You”

The ultimate extension of neurotechnology promises to offer power interfaces between brain and computer providing enhancements to your body, which has already evolved into an amazing machine in and of itself.

Scientists, engineers, and even the US Department of Defence are working toward many goals to improve our body’s mechanical characteristics (run down to the local market for a gallon of milk and be back before the commercial break is over) and mental abilities (oh, e=mc^2 is so trivial). These technological developments are already showing successful applications, and many more will appear in the next several decades, if not much sooner.

Read Slate Magazine’s review of the current state of scientific progress in the business of upgrading your body–literally–to make you into a “better you”.

Building a Better You
a special series from Slate Magazine

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(This series is still being written by Slate Magazine, so more links will be updated right here as they become available.)

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Last updated September 22, 2020