Like Brain Like Computer

Scientists and sci-fi authors have been comparing the human brain to computers for decades. Many expect that future computers will become so advanced that they will develop their own consciousness. Others claim that this goal will be impossible following our current design technologies of computational electronics.

The scientists reported about in this article from The Nando Times, a top technologist at IBM and a neurosurgeon from the University of Vermont, claim to have had their own light bulb blink on several years ago about the amazing connection between computers and the brain.

There is a growing understanding that as computers become more powerful, their efficiency is significantly decreasing. For advances to continue, especially after fundamental limits are reached after we successfully build computers with transistors composed of single atoms, new architectures will be required.

Our amazing brain’s structure developed from millions of years of evolution will guide us toward new computer designs for this millennium.

[Read the article from The Nando Times]

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Last updated August 9, 2020